Africa PORTS & SHIPS maritime news 5 March 2022

Africa PORTS & SHIPS maritime news 28 February 2022

Here are the News Headlines:


Kenya’s ‘ship in a box’ marine security simulator
WHARF TALK: delivering a cargo of fertiliser – OCEAN VENUS
ITF Dockers unite against Putin’s Ukraine invasion
Russian invasion of Ukraine brings concern for South Africa’s fruit industry
Grindrod presents positive results for 2021
Significant upgrading taking place at Luanda’s Sogester Container Terminal
WHARF TALK: Russian visitor to Cape Town – SCF PRIME
President Biden’s claims not indicative of maritime industry or market dynamics – WSC
Significant increase in Suez Canal traffic during February 2022
Suez Canal rates to further skyrocket after 15.1% jump in profits in February
XENETA: long-term ocean freight rates on the rise again
IN CONVERSATION: How the US and UK worked together to recolonise the Chagos Islands and evict Chagossians
Russian ships and ports are frozen out
WHARF TALK: gearless bulker in Cape Town – OCEAN PRINCE
Ukraine and Russia pose a danger to ailing African economies – need for African refineries
IN CONVERSATION: African states need a vision for relations with the Indo-Pacific
UN Bodies call for further action to end seafarer crisis
World Shipping Council attacks President Buiden speech ahead of State of the Union Address
Tanker Tresta Star aground off Reunion starts breaking up, as salvors walk away over payment
WHARF TALK: another class of tanker – FAIRCHEM FORTITUDE
Five essential commodities that will be hit by war in Ukraine
Port of Douala to build bypass roads for easy access & security
NATO Allies boost support to Ukraine
Unconfirmed report says Russian Navy detains two Ukrainian merchant ships
The global shipping workforce: Russian and Ukrainian seafarers’ contributions
Ukraine – IMO Secretary-General speaks of shipping & seafarers
WHARF TALK: specialised offshore support ship – NORMAND NAVIGATOR
SA calls for Russian withdrawal from Ukraine
France intercepts Russian-bound ship in English Channel
IN CONVERSATION: How Russia-Ukraine conflict could influence Africa’s food supplies
Nigeria importing large quantities of petrol to address shortage
Chinese trawlers with forged documents threatening Madagascar’s waters
Transport unions call for immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian military from Ukraine
Dryad reports of ships being targeted off Ukraine

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