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SC Scorpio approaching the port of Durban entrance channel. Picture: Keith Betts, appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

SC Draco sailing from Durban, Picture by Keith Betts, appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
SC Scorpio top) and SC Draco (lower) Pictures: Keith Betts

By coincidence or otherwise, two sister ship tankers recently sailed from Durban one after the other – the product tankers SC SCOPRIO (IMO 9801079) and SC DRACO (IMO 9752022). SC Scorpio (40,964-dwt, built 2017) arrived a day ahead of her older sister SC Draco (40,924-dwt, built 2016) but when it came time to depart both ships sailed together, with Scorpio leading the way out and followed some minutes later by SC Draco. In the lower picture Scorpio can be seen on the horison turning towards the south. These pictures are by Keith Betts



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Retiring IAPH Secretary-General Santiagp Garcia-Milà (left) with Ni Chenggang of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group in 2018, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Retiring IAPH Secretary-General Santiagp Garcia-Milà (left) with Ni Chenggang of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group in 2018

A message from Santiago Garcia-Milà, President, International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is the world’s leading body representing the interests of port authorities and associated maritime industries.

IAPH has 166 Member Ports plus 137 Associate Members in some 90 countries. The organisation has been serving its members for over 60 years through the sharing of information, and the work of its technical committees. In addition, the Association holds regular regional and world conferences which are highly regarded and well attended. [South Africa (Durban) was host to a world conference in 2003.]

The task

Articles 23 to 31 of the IAPH Constitution stipulate that the management leadership of IAPH consists of a Secretary-General, who is responsible for the internal management of the organisation, including the administration of the secretarial and financial affairs, and a Managing Director-Policy and Strategy, who is responsible for the development and implementation of the strategic plans and policies and for representing IAPH within the industry. The Secretary General and Managing Director-Policy and Strategy both report to the President and Board of Executive Directors and are members of the Council.

As the current Secretary-General is to retire from the organisation in May, the Association seeks a new Secretary-General, who will take office following him. Its role includes the administration of the Secretariat and financial affairs of IAPH, and other important issues to the Association.

The constitution

Here candidates are requested to go through the IAPH Constitution, in particular the Article 26 which defines the role and the responsibilities of the Secretary-General. The IAPH Constitution is available on the IAPH website: www.iaphworldports.org

The individual

The Secretary-General’s role has both a significant leadership and operational component. It requires an active and prudent individual who has international experience in the port sector and has profound knowledge about the accounting system, administration and finance of an international membership-based non-profit association.

The successful candidate shall at all times be a resident of the country in which the Head Office is located (Japan) and administer the Secretariat staff. He/she will be expected to travel to conferences and meetings anywhere in the world. An annual salary in excess of US$100,000 and all travel expenses will be discussed with candidates.

Closing date 28 February, 2019.

Readers interested in this role are invited to submit an application and CV by 28 February directly to the President of IAPH at: president.IAPH@portdebarcelona.cat

with copy to: info@iaphworldports.org

IAPH banner, appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

The job description

Job title: IAPH Secretary-General
Job Description (Full-time job):

Summary of functions:

Article 26 of the IAPH Constitution stipulates that the Secretary-General shall:

1. Administer the day to day operations of the Secretariat;

2. Act as Secretary at all annual General Meetings, at meetings of the Board and Council, at all annual Regional Meetings and, where practicable, at meetings of Internal and Technical Committees;

3. Act as Corresponding Secretary for all meetings by correspondence of the members of IAPH, of the Board and Council, of Regions and of the Internal and Technical committees

4. Have the official custody and care of the minutes, books, records, documents and correspondence of IAPH, of the Board and of the Council and of the Regions;

5. Have charge of the collection and receipt of membership dues, contributions and fees, and receive, care for and disburse funds of IAPH;

6. Draft the annual budget for approval of Board;

7. Prepare statements of account and approve the payment of bills, within and in accordance with the budget.

8. Perform such other functions as the President may determine or delegate.


To qualify for the selection, the candidate shall:

1. At all times be a resident of the country in which the Head Office is located (Japan);
2. Have profound knowledge about the account system, administration and finance of an international membership-based non-profit association;
3. Have experience in setting up and running customer-relation management (CMS) tools;
4. Have a sufficient academic background (a tertiary qualification is essential and a post-graduate qualification would be highly regarded);
5. Have minimum five years of international experience in the port sector; including experience in a senior management position and/or leadership experience in an international port/trade organisation;
6. Have extensive professional network in the port sector as well as wide range of contacts with influential international shipping and logistics companies.
7. Be familiar with the functioning if relevant organization and regulators related to maritime and port sectors;
8. Have strong communication skills, including reporting at executive level and use of digital communication tools;
9. Have an outstanding command of the English language, written and spoken, and fluency in Japanese language is considered highly desirable;
10.Have leadership in achieving common objectives, including the talent to inspire and motivate people to obtain results in a spirit of cooperation;
11. Have service-oriented profile with the ability to understand and anticipate the requirements and sensitivities of a diverse membership.

Reported by Paul Ridgway


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Sobantu Tilayi, SAMSA COO being interviewed, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS. Picture courtesy SAMSA

In a set of four video interviews, the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) explains its role in South Africa’s economy.

In a country that’s practically and literally maritime in its geographic makeup at the southern tip of Africa, surrounded by no less than three oceans (the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Southern Ocean to the south and the Indian Ocean to the east), and with a coastline of some 3,200 kilometres plus 1.5-million square kilometres of exclusive economic zone, the apparent low level of public knowledge, awareness and engagement with the South African marine and maritime economic sector should come across as a surprise.

For this reason, in addition to statutory and necessary activities that it conducts consistent with its mandate, SAMSA has a policy of regularly and consistently sharing as much information as is necessary about its role together with the general maritime economic sector to as wide an audience as can be reached.

It was for partly this reason that earlier in 2018, SAMSA’s Chief Operations Officer, Sobantu Tilayi, sat down with a couple of international journalists from the Oil & Gas Journal to explain what SAMSA’s role is in the country’s maritime economic sector and how this sector is shaped to contribute to the South African economy within context of the ‘New Dawn’ concept now espoused by new leadership in the government.

In an hour long interview, Mr Tilayi covers a whole range of issues involving the role of SAMSA.

The video interview as presented here, courtesy SAMSA and YouTube, is split into four sections each of approximately 15 minutes duration.

Video 1 Mr Sobantu Tilayi, COO, SAMSA [15:48]

Video 2 [14:59]

Video 3 [15:15]

Video 4 [13:46]


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Nigerian pirates 'at work', as featured in a report in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Nigerian pirates ‘at work’

Piracy increased on the world’s seas in 2018, with a marked rise in attacks against ships and crews around West Africa, the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) latest annual (2018) piracy report reveals.

Worldwide, the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) recorded 201 incidents of maritime piracy and armed robbery in 2018, up from 180 in 2017.

The Gulf of Guinea remains increasingly dangerous for seafarers. Reports of attacks in waters between the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo more than doubled in 2018, accounting for all six hijackings worldwide, 13 of the 18 ships fired upon, 130 of the 141 hostages taken globally, and 78 of 83 seafarers kidnapped for ransom.

The region saw a significant new spike in violence in the…

Jolly Roger flag, appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS


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SAMSA 20th birthday cake, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

Late in 2018 the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) took time out to celebrate 20 years of existence.

Since its founding in 1998 the organiation can rightly claim to have reached a number of milestones and achievements in the local maritime sector, while being recognised internationally as a respected maritime safety organisation and member of the International maritime Organization (IMO).

While the celebration of 20 years of existence may have been fairly low key at the time, SAMSA has made a number of video interviews available in which various people and organisations pay tribute to the organisation, which have been placed on the SAMSA blog.

For convenience sake Africa PORTS & SHIPS is likewise including these video clips, which vary from a few minutes to 10 minutes in length, courtesy of SAMSA and YouTube where they are in the public domain.

In the series of videos below, developed especially to mark SAMSA’s 20th anniversary during the course of the past year, Deputy Minister of Transport, Ms Sindisiwe Chikunga, in congratulating the agency, tells of her experiences with SAMSA, as do several others, among them chief executives and other senior managers of private sector companies, foundation education pupils as well as SAMSA’s own employees.

The five videos range in length from about two (2) minutes 30 seconds to about 10 minutes, all with congratulatory messages to the organization. In addition, Mr Tilayi shares a message to stakeholders that mark the milestone of a 20 years toll by SAMSA in promoting South Africa’s maritime interests, among other issues.

Video 1: Mr Sobantu Tilayi [2:37)

VIDEO 2 Deputy Minister of Transport – Ms Sindisiwe Chikunga [2:30)

VIDEO 3 SAMSA Stakeholders Group 1 [10:00]

Video 4: SAMSA Stakeholders Group 2 [5:20)

Video 5: SAMSA Bursary Holders (Simon’s Town Lawhill Maritime Centre) [6.30]


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BIMCO banner apparing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

Poland’s Szczecin is top bulk terminal

Once a year BIMCO publishes a detailed report, which presents collected data in a structured and accessible format. This report contains figures and charts for a simple comparison and ranking of each terminal’s performance, together with comments received from ships.

Details include response to a questionnaire consisting of 36 specific questions divided into the following categories:

• Mooring and berth arrangements

• Terminal services

• Terminal equipment

• Information exchange between the ship and the terminal

• Loading and unloading handling.

The best performer-Szczecin

The best performing port, in BIMCO’s Dry Bulk Terminals Vetting Report for 2018, is Szczecin in Poland. This report collected input from 144 ships covering 381 terminals. A total of 97% of the reports were rated as average or better, which gave an average rating of 3.6 (out of five). The result is a marginal better than last year’s results and was reported by BIMCO on 18 January.

In the words of Aron Sorensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation at BIMCO: “I think, in many ways, the report shows an encouraging trend, that bulk terminals generally perform well – only four reports were rated as poor.”

This reports show that good communication between ship and terminal is a crucial part of port performance and is a factor acknowledged in written responses by ship masters.

Reports contributed to BIMCO rose by 52% to 916 in total, increasing the number of ports covered by 102. Albeit, the reports originate from a small number of companies, which partly explains a somewhat skewed geographical spread of the report.

Sorensen added: “I think this information is valuable to both the shipowners and the ports, but we are still far from satisfied with the number of reports submitted to us for this initiative.” He concluded by saying: “We need terminals and ports to live up to their responsibility and receive waste at a reasonable price.”

Ideally, BIMCO would like to have 1000 ships participating in the survey.

The top five ports were:

  • 1. Szczecin, Poland
  • 2. Quebec, Canada
  • 3. Newcastle, Australia
  • 4. Gladstone, Australia
  • 5. Ciénaga, Colombia

BIMCO’s report indicated improved communication between the terminals and the ships, but adequate language skills remain a problem in some locations.Furthermore, the survey also looked into waste handling, and the number of ships experiencing a terminal’s refusal to collect garbage or charging exorbitant prices to do so, is still too high, according to the report.

Another point of concern was that the setting of gangways was impossible in 11% of all cases, thereby restricting the access to and from the ship. This is clearly unacceptable and must be addressed as a safety matter, says BIMCO.

Readers may download the full report at the BIMCO website by CLICKING HERE

It is suggested the report can be used as guidance for planning calls at terminals around the world. BIMCO invites more ships to submit reports.

More reports will ultimately help to create a better tool for offices fixing cargoes.

A crucial factor to the future success of the survey is to encourage more companies to participate, as only a few are currently participating.


BIMCO banner, appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

Of Africa

The only ports in Africa registered in the BIMCO Dry Bulk Vetting Scheme as at 1 December 2018 were Durban, Richards Bay and Saldanha Bay.


BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with around 2,000 members in more than 120 countries, representing 56% of the world’s tonnage. Global membership includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents. BIMCO is a non-profit organisation.

Edited by Paul Ridgway


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TC10S Source Joint Typhoon Warning Centre
Tropical Cyclone TC 10S. Imagery JTWC

A Tropical Cyclone,identified only as TC 10S at this stage, has formed in the southern entrance to the Mozambique Channel, approximately 88 nautical miles West-SouthWest of Europa Island and is currently tracking North-NorthEastward at 9 knots.

Satellite imagery shows a large, partially exposed and ragged low-level circulation with a weak, albeit consolidating, central convection sheared to the south of the low-level circulation. The initial intensity is winds of 40 knots and TC 10S will continue to track North-NorthWestward along the periphery of a subtropical ridge to the west anchored over South Africa. The cyclone can be expected to make landfall later in the week over northern Mozambique.

Winds are likely to intensify over the next 12 hours to a peak of 50 knots before gradually weakening. After landfall TC10S will rapidly decay due to land interaction. Maximum wave height at 06h00 on Sunday 20 January was 15 feet. source: Joint Typhoon Warning Centre


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MoU Ssigning between IRClass and Govt of Assam, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

The Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) and the Government of Assam, a key state in India’s north-east, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further enhance the state’s inland water transport (IWT) system to improve commuter safety.

This MOU follows the funding agreement between the Government of Assam and the World Bank to modernise and transform inland water transport in the state which has the largest network of navigable inland waterways in India. Plans include the integration of high quality passenger and vehicle ferry services into its wider transport network.

IRClass will be providing technical assistance to the Government of Assam including the preparation of technical specification of vessels, evaluation of shipyards bids, inspections during construction and certification.

This MOU will be administered under the guidance and initiative of the Assam Government’s Commissioner & Secretary (Transport) and IRClass will partner with Assam Inland Water Transport Development Society (AIWTDS) to support its plans.

“IRClass is delighted to be part of this initiative which will raise the safety and technical standards of the state’s inland water transport system,” said Senior Principal Surveyor and Vice President, Commander K Dhawan, IN (Retd.).

“This initiative will help boost the state’s growth with scaling opportunities including the development of IWT terminals, port townships and operation of river taxis. IRClass will soon be opening an office in Guwahati to work closely with the Assam Government in developing its inland water transport.”

Edited by Paul Ridgway


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Our illustration here is kindly provided by: www.northseaport.com ©, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Our illustration here is kindly provided by: www.northseaport.com ©

Now that the UK Parliament rejected the Brexit deal on 15 January, it is unclear what will be the consequences.

North Sea Port* is keeping a close eye on developments in order to anticipate how the situation will evolve and refer businesses to the proper channels.

Whether it comes to a Brexit deal or a hard Brexit, North Sea Port has been…

Edited by Paul Ridgway


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Port of Richards Bay Multipurpose Terminal, as appearing in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Port of Richards Bay Multipurpose Terminal

Port statistics for the month of December 2018, covering the eight commercial ports under the administration of Transnet National Ports Authority, are now available.

Throughput during December was, as might be expected, considerably below that of November. What is surprising therefore is the increase in the number of ships that called along with the respective gross tonnage. One wonders why so many ships called during December (other than those that called for bunkers). It doesn’t appear to have been the foreign fishing fleet at Cape Town either, The total ship calls went up from 889 vessels for just above 32 million gross tons in November, to 1.071 vessels in December with a gross tonnage of over 40.6 million gt.

Total combined tonnage handled at the ports was…


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The Port Elizabeth-based NSRI rescue launch Spirit of Toft, involved in another medivac at sea, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
The Port Elizabeth-based NSRI rescue launch Spirit of Toft, involved in another medivac at sea

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Station 6 (Port Elizabeth) was placed on alert on Wednesday late afternoon (16 January 2019) together with the Eastern Cape Government Health EMC.

This followed reports from a fishing trawler heading towards Port Elizabeth from the fishing grounds with a 31 year old local crewman onboard who had suffered a head injury sustained after being stuck in the face by an anchor after he fell on the deck.

The MRCC in Cape Town had been requested by the ships agent to provide medical support which led to an EMS duty doctor evaluating the patient’s condition. As a result of this it was deemed necessary to have the patient evacuated to hospital as soon as possible.

The NSRI sea rescue craft Spirit of Toft was launched and on arrival on the scene, three nautical miles South of Cape Recife, an NSRI crewman was put aboard the fishing trawler to assess and to begin stabilising the patient. It was decided that a transfer of the patient onto the sea rescue craft was not advisable as it could not be carried out safely in the very rough sea conditions of three to four metre swells and 30 to 40 knot winds.

The NSRI escorted the trawler to the shelter of the harbour basin where the patient was transferred to the sea rescue craft and brought safely ashore after which he was been transported to hospital in a stable condition.

The operation concluded at 20h30. source: Ian Gray, NSRI Port Elizabeth station commander


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In a move aimed at improving the level of service from Europe and the Mediterranean to the West Africa market, CMA CGM says it is to implement some changes in the port rotation of EURAF4 and EURAF 5 services whilst maintaining cost competitiveness.

In what CMA CGM describes as “the significant product improvement for cargo bound to Douala and Libreville effective beginning February 2019,” the following…


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CMA CGM banner, displayed on Africa PORTS & SHIPS

French shipping line CMA CGM has announced adjustments to several services to South Africa and other East African services during the coming Lunar New Year 2019 festivities.


The line will be adjusting its Shaka 2 service schedule to…


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Japanese research vessel CHIRTU. The Nippon Foundation’s efforts include the introduction of practical aspects of offshore engineering by providing engineering students with opportunities on supervised engineering projects. In addition it provides access to research vessels and testing facilities owned by the national research institute. Featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Japanese research vessel CHIRTU. The Nippon Foundation’s efforts include the introduction of practical aspects of offshore engineering by providing engineering students with opportunities on supervised engineering projects. In addition it provides access to research vessels and testing facilities owned by the national research institute.

Amid concerns of a shortage of marine resource development engineers with the expertise and practical techniques needed by the marine resource development market, The Nippon Foundation Ocean Innovation Consortium is a programme established to train marine resource development engineers across Japan.

Training for marine resource development

With significant growth anticipated in the global markets for offshore oil and natural gas development and renewable energy generation, related companies in Japan are accelerating their efforts to enter and expand their presence in these markets. In addition, abundant natural resources such as methane hydrate and seabed minerals are present in Japan’s oceans, holding possibilities for the future.

At the same time, there are concerns…

Edited by Paul Ridgway


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Port of Douala container terminal, as featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
Port of Douala container terminal

Importers and exporters from landlocked Chad will have access to a 10 hectare area in the port of Douala to serve as a logistics base for goods in transit in Cameroon.

Cameroonian authorities have provided the area to encourage the continued use of Cameroon’s main port by Chadian stakeholders.

The offer comes also not long after the opening of the port of Kribi also in…


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Congestion on the roads outside the Lagos ports, as featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

Some relief for the stakeholders of the port of Lagos (Apapa) this week as a two-kilometre stretch of Apapa Wharf Road was declared refurbished and ready for re-opening.

The road came into service the following day on Tuesday.

Congestion outside the Lagos ports has become chronic in recent years with no solution in sight, despite a directive issued by the Lagos Governor.

Eventually, the Federal President issued his own directive in an…


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KFS' ferry Jambo. Picture Kenya ferry Services, as featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
KFS’ ferry Jambo. Picture Kenya ferry Services

Thousands of Mombasa commuters have faced long delays following the withdrawal from service last week of the port’s largest ferry, MV JAMBO.

The ferry normally operates the busy Likoni Channel crossing along with two other ferries, MC HARAMBEE and MV KWALE. The three convey over…


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MV Victoria to have her engine replaced, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
MV Victoria to have her engine replaced

Tanzania’s new 1,200-passenger Lake Victoria ferry is to be designed by Sener, the Spanish engineering and technology group, it is being reported.

The new 90-metre ferry, which will be operated by Tanzania’s state-owned shipping line, Marine Services Company, will be built in South Korea by GAS Entec, following which it will be dismantled and shipped to Tanzania for overland…


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At the welcome ceremony. From the left: Nicolas Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Andreas Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Dimitrios Mattheou (Chairman, Green Award Foundation), George Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Jan Fransen (Executive Director, Green Award Foundation), featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
At the welcome ceremony. From the left: Nicolas Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Andreas Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Dimitrios Mattheou (Chairman, Green Award Foundation), George Tsavliris (Principal, Tsavliris Salvage), Jan Fransen (Executive Director, Green Award Foundation)

Tsavliris Salvage celebrated its induction into the Green Award Foundation during a reception at the Yacht Club of Greece on 10 January 2019.

The Senior Management of the Green Award Foundation warmly welcomed Tsavliris Salvage, which offers a series of financial incentives to Green Award member companies, into the scheme.

The prestigious Green Award Foundation certifies shipping companies and ships that demonstrate excellent performance. All certified companies have to meet strict requirements covering safety, quality and environmental conscience.

The Tsavliris Group has been active for more than 75 years as a maritime-focused enterprise that has acquired unrivalled experience and know-how, including 55 years of performance in the international marine salvage business. Tsavliris is one of the world’s most active emergency response contractors for assisting marine casualties, with a record of more than 3,000 salvage cases.

Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, formally handed over the Green Award plaque to the Principals of Tsavliris Salvage, Nicolas, George and Andreas Tsavliris.

“I am delighted for my presence here today to signify this considerable milestone in the history of the Tsavliris Salvage Group,” Mr Mattheou said. “‘Green Awarders’ are spread all around the globe, from Canada to Japan and from South Africa to Norway. The Tsavliris Salvage Group joins this league of Green Award stakeholders.”

He described Tsavliris Salvage as a world-class professional marine salvor, dedicated to saving life and property at sea and to protecting the marine environment from accident-related pollution.

“We are very pleased to have such a value oriented company in the Green Award scheme and we are confident for its willingness to clearly demonstrate a commitment to achieving the Green Award Foundation’s objectives, mission and vision with a unique orientation on environmental excellence and safety in shipping.”

Nicolas Tsavliris said in response that Tsavliris fully encourages and supports initiatives like that of the Green Award that promote shipping sustainability and a clean environment in which their clients’ vessels can safely and efficiently operate.

“By being inducted into the Green Award Scheme, Tsavliris Salvage takes the voluntary initiative to offer a 10% reduction on standard tariff rates on our own equipment and personnel charges during salvage operations to Green Award certified vessels worldwide,” he said.

“In this way, Tsavliris Salvage supports the further ‘greening’ of the maritime industry and will allow other Green Award certificate holders to benefit from their investments in further improvement. The more companies that support quality ships through the Green Award, the more the maritime industry becomes socially responsible and sustainable.”

He concluded by saying that “Tsavliris Salvage is very proud that we serve the Greek and international shipping community, as we always have with great passion and we are committed to continue doing so in an even more environmentally responsible manner.”

Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation, congratulated Tsavliris Salvage for their decision to participate in the Green Award Network and described the significant benefits of the Green Award for all certificate holders and for the environment.

He referred to the interesting history and symbols of the Foundation and recalled that “It was 25 years ago, when Green Award launched its inspiring mission, devoted into promoting and supporting safety, quality, environmental awareness and protection in the maritime sector. Throughout these years, Green Award has evolved into a world-wide recognised symbol. This has been achieved by bringing together all participants in the shipping industry and at the same time fostering and rewarding their efforts to conquer the delivery of high quality services and products and to create a prominent social responsibility.”

The bulk carrier KATHERINE. Tsavliris Salvage provided salvage assistance to the Katherine (17,255-gt - 28,711-dwt), laden with 26,400 MT of hot briquetted iron, following collision with bulk carrier BARU SATU (9,978-gt, 16,190-dwt), in the Kafirea Strait, Aegean Sea between July and August 2013. Story featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS
The bulk carrier KATHERINE. Tsavliris Salvage provided salvage assistance to the Katherine (17,255-gt – 28,711-dwt), laden with 26,400 MT of hot briquetted iron, following collision with bulk carrier BARU SATU (9,978-gt, 16,190-dwt), in the Kafirea Strait, Aegean Sea between July and August 2013

About the Tsavliris Salvage Group

Tsavliris is one of the most active emergency response contractors for maritime casualties worldwide and the most frequent user of the LOF contract, having handled over 3,000 casualties. The Group’s international activities embrace every service relating to marine salvage & towage, extending to complex wreck removals and partnering today’s shipowners in fulfilling their obligation to protect the marine environment from pollution. Tsavliris is committed to maintaining a modern global network for providing rapid assistance to shipping. www.tsavliris.com

About the Green Award Foundation

Green Award certifies sea-going oil and chemical tankers, bulk carriers, LNG and LPG carriers, container carriers, inland navigation barges and inland passenger ships. Its assessment criteria cover environmental, quality and safety aspects, and performance of management and the crew. With this comprehensive approach and a diverse team of the industry’s experts supporting the scheme, Green Award secures the quality of its audits and real value of its certificate.
With over 120 ports and other maritime related organisations providing discounts to the certified companies and ships, the scheme motivates ship owners and managers to invest in the improvements on board and ashore and serves as a reliable Corporate Social Responsibility and risk reduction tool for participating shipping companies, ports and maritime service providers. www.greenaward.org



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