Durban Cruise Terminal, RoRo Terminal & Tanker Terminals

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Durban RoRo Terminal. Picture: Chris Hoare


Durban RoRo Terminal UPDATE


Durban RoRo Terminal Berthing List ETAs


RoRo vessels at Outer Anchorage:

As at 21 May 2024: Cosco Shengshi


Durban Tanker Terminal       (Island View)

Island View Terminals. Picture: Russell Cleaver

Note: Some tankers may be found at Maydon Wharf Liquid Bulk Terminals

Tankers in port:

As at 21 May 2024:

Bow Clipper,  Stolt Sycamore,  Hafnia Pegasus,  Imperios,  Cedar Express

Tankers at Outer Anchorage

As at 21 May 2024

Andiamo,  Hafnia Phoenix,  Amber II,  Sea Emperor,  Alfios,  Torm Beatrice, Torm Leader,  Chemstar Iris

Tankers due in Port: 

As at 21 May 2024:

07/04/24 Torm Resilience
28/04/24 BW Panther

08/05/24 Atlantic Harmony
16/05/24 Hafnia Phoenix
17/05/24 Torm Beatrice
18/05/24 Ivy Alliance
21/05/24 Alfios,  Fairchem Conquest,  Andiamo,  Ocios Ioannis
22/05/24 Kourion
23/05/24 NCC Dalia, Songa Winds
24/05/24 Bubyan
25/05/24 Avanti
26/05/24 PS Queen
28/05/24 Al Yamamah,  Fairchem Sunbird
29/05/24 STI Battery
30/05/24 Melati 4
31/05/24 Bow Explorer

11/06/24 Venezia
28/06/24 Melati 3

01/07/24 MTM Key West

BUNKERS – as at 21 May 2024

Ships due:

21/05/24 Chemstar Iris – 103, Genius Star X – N
22/05/24 Majestic Marina
24/05/24 Mao Hong
26/05/24 Mar

06/06/24 BBC Rushmore


Durban Coal Port (Bluff)

Durban Coal Port (Bulk Connections)

Ships in port: 

As at 21 May 2024

GMTS Tracker 01,  Zonda

Ships due:

14/05/24 Andulus I
23/05/24 Catharina Oldendorff,  Majestic Marina

Lineup to be confirmed:  Nil


Durban Cruise Terminal

Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal, Port of Durban

Cruise ships in port:

As at 21 May 2024

Cruise ships expected in port:

At Berth A/B unless otherwise stated

07/05/24 Logos Hope – in

21/05/24 Eagle Exlorer – in
29/05/24 Insignia


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