PORT LOUIS – 7 March 2017

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Cargo ships in port today

Mauritius Trochetia

Bulk vessels in port today

Nord Auckland
Serene Sky
IVS Tembe
Fatime – oil jetty

Research, navy and other ships in port today


Cruise ships in port today


Ships at the container terminal

Maersk Lebu
EM Oinousses
Maersk Inverness
John Rickmers

Ships at anchor


Bunker vessels

Gulf Star 1
Sarah T

Ships in port today loading bunkers, bait, provisions, crew changes, etc

Dredger Ambriorix
Tug Opua
MCS Rosie
JFJ De Nul
DN 207
Ionian Sea Fos
Vigdis Knutsen
Medi Venieza

ETA of ships due in port

09/03/17 TG Aphrodite
10/03/17 MSC Valencia, Onego Bora
11/03/17 MSC Genesis, John Rickmers, MSC Clementina F, Brilliant
12/03/17 Jas Express
13/03/17 Hoegh Asia, MSC Sebarok, Helene S
14/03/17 Dignity
15/03/17 MSC Filomena
16/03/17 MSC Mykonos, Jakarta Tower
17/03/17 MSC Carolina
18/03/17 MSC Ines, Jas Express, John Rickmers
19/03/17 Delphis Gdansk, Kota Nekad
21/05/17 AS Morgana
22/03/17 MSC Regulus, MSC Rachele
23/03/17 Suffolk Trader
24/03/16 MSC Anya
25/03/17 MSC Madeleine, John Rickmers
29/03/17 MSC Lisa, MSC Altair
31/03/17 MSC Shanghai, MSC Renee

ETA of bulk ships due in port

08/03/17 JS Potomac
09/03/17 African Hornbill
12/03/17 Barrow Island
14/03/17 Ardmore Explorer

ETA of passenger (cruise) ships due in port

12/03/17 World Odyssey
17/03/17 Costa Neo Romantica
24/03/17 Astor

12/04/17 Queen Elizabeth
30/04/17 Europa 2

25/10/17 MSC Sinfonia
27/10/17 Costa neo Riviera

10/11/17 Costa neo Riviera
15/11/17 Boudicca
17/11/17 AidaAura
24/11/17 Costa neo Riviera, Albatros

08/12/17 Costa Neo Riviera
14/12/17 Boudicca
22/12/17 Costa Neo Riviera
28/12/17 Boudicca
29/12/17 AidaAura

05/01/18 Costa Neo Riviera
16/01/18 Voyager
19/01/18 Costa Neo Riviera

04/02/18 Queen Mary
16/02/18 Costa Neo Riviera
25/02/18 Seabourn Sojourn
02/03/16 Costa Neo Riviera
16/03/18 Costa Neo Riviera
29/03/16 Seven Seas Navigator
16/04/18 Queen Elizabeth
16/11/18 Europa 2

ETA of inter-island passenger/ferry vessel due in port

Mauritius Trochetia

Arrival dates:

March: 18

Departure dates:

March: TBA


Arrival dates:

March: TBA

Departure dates:

March: TBA

ETA of ships for loading bunkers, bait & supplies

08/03/17 Charng Luen, Genta Maru

ETA of naval, research and other type vessels

10/03/17 INS Tir, INS Shardul
21/03/17 INS Shardul
27/03/17 Xiang Yang Hong 10

06/05/17 Xiang Yang Hong 10