<B>NB Non-container ships are listed separately</B><P>




Stack dates for export containers are available here<br> <a href=”“> STACK DATES</a><P>


<B>For container and other ships in port consult the Daily List</B><P>


<B>Ships ETA continues below.</B><P>




Idayah, Jo Betula, Safmarine Nokwanda, CSAV Itaim

<B>Ships Due in port</B> <I>n.b. container ships are worked at Pier 1 Container Terminal (berths 105 to 107) and the Durban Container Terminal (berths 108 to 109, 200 to 205) Container ships are also worked at City Terminal at Berths C to E; also at Maydon Wharf Terminal, Berths 9 to 13</I><P>


<U>Refer also to Ships in Outer Anchorage. See the daily Ships in Port report</U><P>




15/02/17 Astoria Bridge <br>

16/02/17 Maersk Vallvik<br>

18/02/17 Maersk Luz<br>

19/02/17 Border <br>

21/02/17 Barrier<br>

22/02/17 Clivia<br>

23/02/17 Brevik Bridge<br>

24/02/17 MOL Proficiency<br>

26/02/17 MOL Eminence<P>

01/03/17 Rio Charleston<br>

02/03/17 Maersk Varna<br>

04/03/17 Alexandra<br>

08/03/17 Boundary, HS Debussy<br>

10/03/17 Maersk Skarstind<br>

15/03/17 Jonathan Swift<br>

16/03/17 Maersk Vilnius<br>

17/03/17 Maersk Lavras<br>

22/03/17 Quadriga<br>

24/03/17 MOL Presence<br>

29/03/17 Maersk Izmir<br>

31/03/17 Maersk La Paz, Maersk Visby<P>

05/04/17 Maersk Inverness<br>

06/04/17 Maersk Varna<br>

12/04/17 Dignity<br>

13/04/17 Maersk Vallvik<br>

14/04/17 Maersk Luz<br>

19/04/17 AS Morgana<br>

21/04/17 MOL Proficiency<br>

26/04/17 Hammonia Calabria<br>

28/04/17 Alexandra<P>

03/05/17 Clivia<br>

05/05/17 Safmarine Highveld<br>

10/05/17 Rio Charleston<br>

11/05/17 Maersk Vilnius<br>

12/05/17 Maersk Lavras<br>

17/05/17 HS Debussy<br>

24/05/17 Jonathan Swift<br>

26/05/17 Maersk La Paz, Maersk Visby<br>

31/05/17 Quadriga<P>

01/06/17 Maersk Varna<br>

07/06/17 Maersk Izmir<br>

08/06/17 Maersk Vallvik<br>

09/06/17 Maersk Luz<br>

14/06/17 Maersk Inverness<br>

21/06/17 Dignity<br>

23/06/17 Alexandra<br>

28/06/17 AS Morgana<br>

30/06/17 Safmarine Highveld<P>


15/02/17 MSC Toronto, MSC Lana <br>

16/02/17 MSC Chicago, MSC Filomena <br>

17/02/17 Maersk Izmir, MSC Ariane <br>

18/02/17 Maersk Elgin <br>

19/02/17 Ever Decent <br>

20/02/17 HS Berlioz, Cap Cortes,<br>

21/02/17 MSC Sindy, CMA CGM Opal, MSC Claudia <br>

22/02/17 Kota Mawar, MSC Altair, MSC Ivana, MSC Regulus <br>

24/02/17 Maersk Seletar, Maersk Inverness, MSC Erminia <br>

25/02/17 MSC Himanshi<br>

26/02/17 Jogela, HS Rossini, MSC Algeciras <br>

27/02/17 MSC Madeleine<br>

28/02/17 Kota Maju<P>

01/03/17 MSC Veronique, Centaurus<br>

03/03/17 Dignity, Maersk Semakau<br>

04/03/17 MSC Jasmine <br>

05/03/17 Gerhard Schulte, MOL Prosperity, MSC Bilbao<br>

06/03/17 Minna, MSC Nilgun <br>

08/03/17 JPO Leo, MSC Laurence, MSC Rebecca, MSC Messina <br>

10/03/17 AS Morgana, Maersk Lebu, MSC Filomena<br>

11/03/17 MSC Denisse <br>

12/03/17 Polonia<br>

13/03/17 MSC Seattle, Stadt Koln<br>

15/03/17 Daphne, MSC Valencia<br>

17/03/17 Hammonia Calabria, Maersk Sebarok, MSC Regulus<br>

18/03/17 MSC Lana, MSC Nicole<br>

19/03/17 Bilbao Bridge, MSC Paris<br>

21/03/15 Demeter<br>

22/03/17 MSC Ines, MSC Jeanne, MSC Judith, MSC Mykonos, MSC Renee<br>

24/03/17 Clivia, Maersk Karachi, MSC Altair<br>

25/03/17 MSC Himanshi<br>

26/03/17 MSC Antigua<br>

29/03/17 MSC Madeleine, MSC Toronto, MSC Chicago<br>

31/03/17 Maersk Kalmar, Rio Charleston<P>

01/04/17 MSC Jasmine<br>

02/04/17 MSC Altamira<br>

04/04/17 Centaurus, MSC Renee<br>

05/04/17 MSC Lisa<br>

07/04/17 HS Debussy, Maersk Kampala, MSC Laurence, Primavera<br>

09/04/17 MSC Toronto<br>

11/03/17 JPO Leo<br>

12/04/17 MSC Benedetta<br>

13/04/17 MSC Judith, MSC Renee<br>

14/04/17 Jonathan Swift, Maersk Klaipeda<br>

16/04/17 MSC Sindy<br>

19/04/17 MSC Perle, MSC Erminia, Stadt Koln<br>

21/04/17 Maersk Elgin, MSC Ines, Quadriga<br>

23/04/17 MSC Algeciras<br>

26/04/17 MSC Ivana<br>

28/04/17 Maersk Izmir, Maersk Seletar, MSC Madeleine, MSC Renee<br>

30/04/17 MSC Nilgun<P>

01/05/17 MSC Bilbao<br>

05/05/17 Maersk Inverness, Maersk Semakau, MSC Cristina, MSC Susanna<br>

07/05/17 MSC Seattle<br>

10/05/17 MSC Filomena, MSC Regulus<br>

12/05/17 Dignity, Maersk Lebu, MSC Benedetta, MSC Perle<br>

15/05/17 MSC Paris<br>

17/05/17 MSC Regulus<br>

19/05/17 AS Morgana, Maersk Sebarok, MSC Ariane<br>

21/05/17 MSC Antigua<br>

23/05/17 Stadt Koln<br>

24/05/17 MSC Altair<br>

26/05/17 Hammonia Calabria, Maersk Karachi, MSC Cristina<P>

02/06/17 Clivia, Maersk Kalmar, MSC Filomena<br>

09/06/17 Maersk Kampala, MSC Regulus, Rio Charleston<br>

16/06/17 HS Debussy, Maersk Klaipeda, MSC Altair<br>

23/06/17 Jonathan Swift, Maersk Elgin<br>

30/06/17 Maersk Seletar, Quadriga<P>





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